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Primary Care

Patient Checklist: Before Your Appointment

To maximize your time and that of your primary care provider at your upcoming appointment, take a few minutes to prepare a list of questions and to gather and bring needed information, including:

Insurance (Private/Commercial, Medicare or Medicaid card)

Primary Care

Before Conception

Both internists (physicians who specialize in internal medicine) and family practitioners (physicians who specialize in family medicine) have attended four years of medical school, completed a three-year residency and are licensed to practice by the state. The focus of work in residency is what differentiates the two areas. Either is a reasonable choice for your primary care physician.

Primary Care

The correlation of a primary care partnership to a healthy life is well documented, yet nearly one in four Americans does not have a primary care provider. Building a relationship with a primary care physician (PCP) who knows your life circumstances and medical and personal histories helps to ensure the best possible care when you need it. Partnering with your PCP is also effective in achieving and maintaining optimal health, managing chronic health issues such as hypertension or diabetes, and preventing or minimizing greater disease development.

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