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Women's Health Services (Obstetrics)

The Joys of Pregnancy

CRMC offers comprehensive maternity services including pregnancy planning, lactation consultations, special care for high-risk patients, baby care and everything in between. Our team approach – utilizing the expertise of obstetricians, certified nurse midwives, pediatricians, nurses, lactation consultants, educators and other healthcare professionals – ensures that you and your baby get the personalized special care you deserve.  

High-Risk Pregnancy

Highly trained obstetricians and modern technology enable the care of those whose pregnancy is considered at higher risk, requiring close monitoring. We care for women with diabetes, high blood pressure, previous pregnancy complications or the prospect of twins, triplets or multiple births. We have a dedicated high-risk pregnancy unit, should you require a prolonged hospital stay during your pregnancy or after delivery. 

Labor and Delivery

Our birthing facilities are designed for your comfort and the safe birth of your baby. Women in early labor stay in one of five private rooms. A couch that folds into a bed enables a family member to stay overnight. Six labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum rooms (LDRPs) provide not only a calming, home-like environment but also sophisticated technology for the safety of mom and baby, far exceeding that of hospitals of similar size. Continuous fetal monitoring surveillance is available in the room and at the nurses’ station. 

Should you and your physician determine that it is best for you to deliver by cesarean section, our surgical delivery rooms are equipped and ready for your needs. There are many reasons women need cesareans. Sometimes the situation is truly life-threatening, but often the challenge is that labor simply isn’t progressing. 

Newborn Nursery and Neonatal Intensive Care

In addition to your obstetrician and labor and delivery nurse, a neonatal (newborn) nurse is present at each delivery. This team transitions your baby to a level one nursery, equipped and staffed to care for healthy, newborn babies. Preemies and other babies with special needs are also cared for here. CRMC has two NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) beds designed for babies who require closer observation.



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