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General Surgery

Expertise and Teamwork


General surgeons on staff at CRMC have experience with a broad spectrum of diseases and the advanced surgical techniques needed to treat them.  

Drew Bagwell, M.D.
Drew Bagwell, M.D.
David Arnett, M.D.
Romulo Navarro, M.D.
Krishnan Chalam, M.D.
Chester Royals, M.D.
Conrad Harper, M.D.
Thomas Wehmann, D.O.

In addition to their own collective expertise in surgeries, these general surgeons work closely with CRMC colleagues in imaging and with surgical colleagues in other fields. 

CRMC’s highly-trained physician anesthesiologists and anesthesiology technicians assess each patient’s medical readiness for surgery as well as administer anesthesia during surgery and monitor recovery, including optimization of pain control.



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